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    Pajama Wearing Principal Gets Students Reading

    Another great example today of someone using pajamas for good. A principal in Wilmington, North Carolina enforced her own pajama day to help get her students reading.

    According to, Principal Joyce Price challenged the students of St. Mary’s Catholic School to read 20,000 pages in one week. They succeeded in reading over 72,000 so today Principal Price lived up to her end of the bargain.

    As promised she spent the day on the school’s roof wearing a robe and her pajamas. 

    Price told the tv station that this was a first for St. Mary’s, but said it was a fun way to reward her kids. 

    How about a pajama day for the kids as well, Principal?

    — 2 years ago
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    Make A Difference In Pajamas

    Sometimes pajamas get a bad rap. People assume wearing pajamas means sleeping in or watching a movie on the couch and generally being lazy. Often that is true. But we know there is so much more you can do while wearing pajamas. Read a book, write a poem and do just about anything on the internet. 

    Today, that includes shopping and giving back. The Pajama Company has teamed up with the global maternal health advocacy organization Every Mother Counts to help make childbirth safe for mothers around the world. Shop at The Pajama Company today (Maternal Health Monday) and 10 percent of your sale will go benefit the handwork of Every Mother Counts.

    — 2 years ago
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